Casual gamers vs. hardcore gamers?

I’d classify myself as a casual gamer. I have a job that doesn’t involve gaming, I’m married and I have a mortgage. But I play games whenever I can. I’ve read numerous posts from “hardcore” gamers slamming casual gamers and I don’t understand it. What compels someone to ridicule a sub-genre of gamers that I’m guessing supports the entire gaming industry?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m amazed at the quality of games that hardcore gamers pride themselves on playing – they’re super imaginative and extremely detailed; specifically, Demon Souls and the upcoming Dark Souls. I just don’t have the time it takes to get involved in one of these things.

I’ll date myself by saying I grew up on text-based adventure games from Sierra, like Space Quest, Police Quest and Gold Rush. I don’t remember any East coast, West coast type of beef between casual gamers and hardcore gamers. We just loved to play.

Is this argument new in the industry?

(PS – if you played some of those old Sierra titles I mentioned, shout out!)


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